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There was neither the realm of space Nor the sky which is beyond
Gauche and acrylic on canvas 365 cm by 153 cm
There was neither the realm of space Nor the sky which is beyond
Gauche and acrylic on canvas 365 cm by 153 cm

Seed of a Nation

Personal structures

59th Venice Bienale | Venice 2022

Śarvā Śūnyatā

How does everything emerge from nothing

Start Art Fair | Saatchi Gallery | London 2021

Nāsadiya Sūkta | The creation myth

Being from nothingness became

Start Art Fair | Saatchi Gallery | London 2020

The Earth Song

Grains of antiquity

Gallery Art & Soul | Mumbai 2019

Where it all Began | Grains of Antiquity

India Art Fair

New Delhi 2018

Of Everything and Nothing

Aabru Art

Grace Belgravia | London 2016

Italia Docet | Laboratorium

55th Venice Bienale | Venice 2015

Social Project I Public installations

Venice I London I New Delhi I Mumbai I Monaco | 2008-2022


London | New Delhi | Mumbai | 2017-2022

Revati Sharma Singh is an interdisciplinary artist, working between London and India for the last 23 years and her quest has always been about the great divide between hunger and abundance around the world.

She has worked with many NGO's for the last two decades specifically those involved in projects with the earth.

Grains have become central to her work and fractal like repetitive compositions are the basis of her artistic and spiritual practice. Using clay, handmade sterling silver, 18 karat gold, cast metal, tapestry, embroidery, pigment and paints, her intricate assemblages aim to address world injustices such as the uneven distribution of wealth and the global hunger epidemic.

Her passion for creating art and challenging moral themes have seen her become a regular contributor to the LAPADA Fair, Saatchi’s Starata Art Fair, the Affordable Art Fair, london and singapore, Masterpieces Art Fair, london, Art Monaco and the Venice Bienale where she has been invited to take part twice. She is fast gaining a reputation as an international artist and her frustration at not being able to transform injustices has awakened in Revati a new, more political angle to her work. Today much of the artist’s work carries a very strong social message.