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  • Sarva sunyata : How does everything emerge from nothing 2021

Sarva sunyata : How does everything emerge from nothing 2021

During these unprecedented times, I nudged people from every corner of our world to
pause, reflect and share with me a photograph of what they saw.
An incredible varied number of photographs from landscapes to citiscapes, nature and
objects all came pouring in, some of which I have been able to include in my installation
titled “ How does everything emerge from nothing “
When you look at each photograph there is so much one can see
But there is so much more one doesn’t see.

The window grills. A blossoming bud.
A bowl of food grains and a table laden with food.
A home, a thatched cottage, a vacant office, quiet tall buildings.
Another room behind. Hope.
No place to call Home. A narrow winding street, empty stomachs. A few villages, the town right behind the next state.
Silence. Streams, rivers and seas. Rocks, sand dunes and beaches devoid of footsteps. Dreams.
Paddy fields, trees, forests and mountains. Love and longing.
The country we inhabit, those bordering ours, countries further away.
A night sky full of stars. A glorious Sun and planets including Us on earth Our galaxy Our universe

So who are we really, absorbed in our own worlds ?

Are we simultaneously every incredible thing and absolutely nothing
An imperfection within perfection
A seeming permanence in absolute impermanence
An order within chaos or chaos in order

Or a random point in space-time where choice and chance converge to make us.

Perhaps that is why we cling so desperately to our ‘I’ness knowing that we will eventually dissolve into everythingness.

Temporal fractals of each other : a mathematical order of the universe, a pattern that repeats itself infinitely in both directions, growing increasingly larger as well as smaller.

Are we infinite ?
Returning to what we once were.

A seed 1 & 2 Acrylic on canvas

I am a seed
Born of self similarity
A recursive pattern
Found everywhere in nature
In that sense I am very old
Billions of years old
I am also very young
Conceived in the space
between order and chaos
And I am everywhere
And I am you
And You, me
And I am infinite
And I am no one

-“For my ma, the strongest and gentlest soul I know.”