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How long can you stand it?

  • Medium: Mixed Media
  • Place: Kala Ghoda
  • Year: 2009

Mixed Media
How long can you stand it?

How about an experiment?

Fill up your bladder, walk around the maze and then see if you can find a toilet to relieve yourself. Not a wall. Not a corner. But a toilet.

Did you find one? No? We Mumbaikars face this problem everyday of our life! Nearly 65% of Mumbai’s population i.e. 8 million people live in slums of which 50% are ‘authorised’ slums with some toilet facilities. The other 50% relieve themselves in the open creating 1000-1400 tons of excreta.

Mumbai needs 40,000 more public toilet blocks to meet its needs. For example, are you aware that Mumbai’s plush office district - steel and glass speed over an area of approximately 170 cricket grounds and home to the National Stock Exchange, multinational banks, a diamond bourse and big league international schools - does not have a single public toilet!!! Anyone who does not have entry to the district’s plush buildings, whether it is a taxi driver or a construction worker, has to use a wall. Similarly, other popular areas like Priyadarshini Park, Marine Drive, Carter Road and Juhu Beach lack sufficient amenities.

And so a booming Mumbai must endure its age-old defining feature:

Public toilets: 1300, People: 14 million, One toilet: 10,769 desperate users.