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Where it All Began

Wheat, one of the first grains ever cultivated actually originated in what is modern day Syria and the levant region.

Syria today stands at the crux of a proxy war where millions face starvation, malnutrition and death. How ironic that the areas in the middle of the most deadly conflict today, literally sowed the seeds of a variety of grain which is now included in one form or another in the staple diet of every country and religion in the world.

Revati weaves these grains which have been hand made in silver turning them into maps on vegetable dyed cotton that resemble quilted patterns. Women have quilted stories across the length of India , specially amongst agrarian communities. Revati draws from these traditions moving away from abstraction towards an element that holds a narrative. These grains overpower the topography of these nations allowing them to be abstracted into homogeneity.