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Running on faith

  • Medium: Fiber Glass,Metal,Wood
  • Gallery: Tanya Baxter Contemporary
  • Year: 2011

Fiber Glass statues on metal & wood cycle rickshaw
Poor Man: H: 5 feet, W: 2.2 feet
Rich Man: H: 4 feet, W: 2.5 feet
Cycle Rickshaw: H: 5 feet, W: 3.5 feet, L: 6 feet
Running On Faith

India - a medley of infinite millionaires, billionaires and scores of ignored inhabitants. A place where excesses of Wealth, Dominance and Avarice are cohorts of the rich and Anguish, Desolation, and Obscurity journey with the poor.

A bright red cycle rickshaw
To the fore, a man pulling the rickshaw, suffering and bent under the strain of a poverty stricken life. His body covered with tiny pictures of Gods and Goddesses. His unshakable faith and belief in his Karma* is the only escape from a life of scarcity and deprivation. The second man, inactive in the passenger seat of the cycle rickshaw glowing in gold. His hands overflowing with money.
The rising gap between abject poverty and obscene wealth is played out daily in every town, city and village of our country. The unique part is that each person thinks it’s their fate or karma* and that they are destined to live the life they've been born into. For how long will they continue to passively lament about their karma and resign themselves to their faith and fate?

* 'Karma' is an Indian religious concept in contradistinction to 'faith' espoused by Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), which view all human dramas as the will of God as opposed to present—and past—life actions.